Services provided to the Packer family :


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Cloud hosting

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Le Blog de Janne

This blog is held by Anne Meillet et James Packer to describe their excursions to places near their home (Toulouse) as well as far away.

Other Packers on the web :

Hugh and Priscilla Packer

Anemos Odyssey

A few years ago Hugh and Priscilla decided they would go around the world... in/with a sailing boat. This blog is about their adventures that truly started in the summer of 2014.

Emily Packer (born Enberg)

Smooch films

Smooch films offers to film your wedding to make great, creative and emotional videos of your big day!

Helen Packer

Stay Stoked In California.

Helen and Fabian - her husband - at the end of 2013 to cross the pond and live in California. Here's a blog showing life over there, and the perspective of a European grown human.